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Globalsen 3388M/FS WC Sensor Flushing System Set

型號: GS-3388M/FS


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    • Description


    Globalsen / 3388M/FS / WC Sensor Flushing System Set



    Product Specifications
    • Brand: GLOBALSEN
    • Model: GS-3388M / FS
    • Type: Close coupled toilet sensor flush valve with ECO manual override flushing.
    • Materials: ABS.
    • Dimension: probe outer teeth diameter 36mm refer annex drawing.
    • Electric Power Input: DC6V (AA x 4) alkaline battery.
    • Usage Times: around 20000 cycle.
    • Sensor Distance: 110mm within range.
    • Operate: wave-on sensor or ECO manual override.
    • Combination Set:
      • sensor & manual pole function top cover x 1
      • receiver with mechanical combination x 1
      • battery box with connecting wire set x 1
      • WDI B4900 dual flush valve x 1
    • Certificate: dual flush valve obtain WSD approve letter C20200804F
    • Additional Order: water Inlet float valve & alkaline battery.

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