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Stiebel Eltron DHB-E LCD Electronic-Controlled Instantaneous Water Heater (380V – 18/21/24kW)

型號: HP-DHB-E18/21/24LCD


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    • Description



    DHB-E LCD Feature:

    Through the stylish LCD display and control panel, precise temperature can be selected with operating information combined at a glance. By detecting the incoming temperature and flow rate from the water inlet, it can sustain a stable temperature through precise calaulation of energy required. It can cope with varient flow rate, yet maintaing a comfort showering experience. The DEL Plus series comes with a temperature indication light to ensure safety. It also fulfill the IP25 hoseproof standard which allows the unit to be installed within the showering area, definitely a combination of safety and reliability.

    More Functions:

    • 18/ 21/ 24kW (Selectable rate power) and 27kW
    • 5.2 – 13.8 l/min (depend on model)
    • Fully Electronic Control maintaining stabilized water supply without temperature fluctuation.
    • Assure accurate delivery of hot water in required temperature from 20℃-60℃
    • Adjust temperature from 35℃ or 43℃ within 0.5℃ scale
    • Electronic safety system with air detection
    • Provide high efficency heating by using Bare wire heating system with pressure-tested copper casing
    • Min. Flow rate : 2.5 l/min
    • Hoseproof to IP25
    • Wireless comfort remote control (option)
      *Compared hydraulic instantaneous water heaters; subject to pattern of use.


    Multifunction LCD display :


    Remote Control (optional)


    Model:DHB-E 18/21/24 LCD

    • Power rating(400V)kW:18/ 21/ 24
    • Power rating(380V)kW:16.2/ 19/ 21.7
    • Size (H/W/D)mm:466 x 225 x 116
    • Temperature range:OFF, 20℃-60℃
    • Working pressure:10 Bar
    • Starting volume:≧2.5L
    • Protection level:IP25
    • Inlet size:15mm(G1/2″)
    • Weight:3.2kg
    • Control unit:Electronic Control
    • Unit Type:Centralized
    • LCD display:Yes
    • Childproof setting:43℃/50℃/55℃/60℃
    • Bare wire heating system:Yes
    • Elect. air detetion system:Yes
    • Elect. safety system with temp. cut-off device:Yes
    • Elect. Flow rate control:Yes
    • Solar operation (preheated water):Yes
    • Remote Control (optional):FFB 4

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