Teka TR550 Food Waste Disposer

型號: TR550


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    Teka / TR550 / Food Waste Disposer

    TEKA Food Waste Disposer

    TEKA Case 1


    Teka Food Waste Disposer TR550. Reduce solid waste. Good
    helper of food waste disposal!

    According to government survey, food waste occupies majority of solid waste in Hong Kong*! The
    government will implement charging scheme for the disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is considered

    necessary to implement the “polluter pays” principle. It aims to drive behavioral changes and promotes waste

    reduction in the community, to reduce reliance on landfills.

    Teka Food Waste Disposer provides a faster and more efficient way of grinding most everyday kitchen

    waste, which helps to reduce the use of plastic bags and charges for MSW.

    The food waste disposer is installed at the base of the sink flange. Kitchen waste can be grinded into tiny

    particles. These particles is automatically flushed from the kitchen drain. Keep your kitchen clean germ-free,

    and reduce odors and solid waste volume.

    *Source: Environmental Protection Department released Waste Statistic for 2020

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    Dimensions 173 × 173 × 318 cm





    聯興行 灣仔駱克道236號地舖 | 2511 3630

    聯興行 灣仔駱克道292號地舖 | 2394 0422

    聯興行 旺角砵蘭街352號地舖 | 2391 0353

    聯興行 元朗合益路17-53號合益中心31B地舖 | 2470 9317

    BathKitchen 觀塘開源道63號福昌大廈9樓01室 | 2511 3386



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